How to Become OCM12c..!! ( Oracle Certified Master 12c )

ByJoel Pérez ( Oracle ACE Director )

How to Become OCM12c..!! ( Oracle Certified Master 12c )

How to Become OCM12c..!! ( Oracle Certified Master 12c )

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My general Advices:

1.- If you are already OCM11g , the upgrade will be so easy.. just learn the new features.. Multitenant.. etc you do not have to learn too much new content.. almost the same content of 11g, check the points to be evaluated

2.- If you want to become OCM12c you can study with this book ( I’m official Reviewer of that great book! )

The best book ever for the OCM11g preparation..!!

and you will cover around 80% of the exam.. just must study the new 20% with other materials ( Oracle University Courses.. books.. online training.. etc )

3.- Become very expert in all related to Multitenant and pluggable databases.. that’s the main feature to be evaluated

4.- Tip: At the exam the documentation is not searchable.. but just learn the books where is the information you want.. open the webpage related to that book, expand all the topics with the “expand all” option inside the documentation and use the “search” of the browser and voooila.. you can get points very fast..!!

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