Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform Transportable PDB..!!

ByJoel Pérez ( Oracle ACE Director )

Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform Transportable PDB..!!

Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform Transportable PDB

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Oracle Database 12.1 allows you to transport database or tablespace backup sets with conversion at source or destination for same endian platforms.

Oracle Database 12.2 includes cross-platform PDB backup and restore into a CDB by unplugging at backup step and plugging at restore step as long as the source platform and destination platform have the same endian format. For a cross-endian migration, the tablespaces have to be exported and imported with Data Pump, either using the conventional expdp/impdp or the Full Transportable expdp/impdp.

  1. Before backing the PDB, ensure that the prerequisites are satisfied.

  2. Determine the location of the endian conversion.

    • –  The FOR TRANSPORT clause creates a cross-platform backup indicating that the backup set can be transported to any destination database.

    • –  The TO PLATFORM clause indicates that the conversion performs on the source database for a specific platform and can be restored on that specific platform.

  3. Use the BACKUP FOR TRANSPORT or TO PLATFORM command to create a cross- platform PDB backup set on the source host. The new UNPLUG INTO clause creates the XML file containing the metadata for the PDB.

    1. Use any operating system utilities to transfer the created backup set and XML file.

    2. Use the RESTORE FOREIGN command to restore the cross-platform PDB backup set on the destination host. The new USING clause uses the XML file to plug the appropriate files for the new PDB.

    3. Open the PDB.

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