Oracle 18c: RMAN New Features.. What’s NEWS..

ByJoel Pérez ( Oracle ACE Director )

Oracle 18c: RMAN New Features.. What’s NEWS..

Oracle 18c: RMAN New Features.. What’s NEWS..

Oracle 18c: RMAN新功能一览


By Joel Peréz Skant Gupta

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Oracle Recovery Manager, better known as “RMAN”. RMAN is one of those kind of tool that is present in almost the daily activities for regular DBAs.

With RMAN we can perform a lot of different kind of activities for different kind of objectives.

It’s impossible a DBA can not know tools such as: RMAN.. SQL*Plus.. expdp.. impdp.. etc.. those are part of the Oracle Software’s main core.


RMAN Beyond the Backup Utility, we can use it for:

  • Cloning and Platform Migration
  • Data Guard Operations
  • Backup to Disk
  • Backup to Cloud Storage
  • Oracle Secure Backup or 3rd party backup applications
  • Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance
  • and more..

So.. based on that.. no need to introduce the concept of what is RMAN..


Oracle Recovery Manager has a long history, let’s highlight briefly some about it:


Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i ( 1997-2002 )

  • Parallel Backups
  • Block Media Recovery
  • Automatic Control File & SPFILE Backup
  • CONFIGURE Persistent Settings
  • And more …

Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g ( 2003 – 2012 )

  • Fast Recovery Area
  • Fast Incremental Backups
  • Incrementally Updated Backups
  • Offload Backups to Standby Database
  • And more …

Oracle 12c ( Today )

  • Table Level Recovery
  • Cross-Platform Backup & Recovery enhancements
  • Fast Active DUPLICATE
  • Fast Standby Database Synchronization
  • Multitenant Database Backup & Recovery
  • And more ..

Oracle Database 18c: Key RMAN Benefits/Enhancements

  • Multitenant DB Enhancements
  • Duplication Enhancements
  • Enhancements for DATA GUARD
  • Cloud Archive Support

So.. Let’s star to see some technical new features of Oracle Recovery Manager in Oracle 18c..


18c: Multitenant DB Enhancement

Backup history preservation

  • Restore a PDB from a backup taken as non-multitenant, or when the PDB was plugged into a different CDB
  • Export PDB metadata to RMAN catalog of destination CDB
    • XML generated at UNPLUG operation
    • Use DBMS_PDB.EXPORTRMANBACKUP() procedure for non-CDB






18c: Duplication Enhancements

Active Cross-CDB PDB Duplication

  • Active duplication of a PDB into a different CDB is now possible
  • Start RMAN and connect to the root of the source database as TARGET and to the auxiliary instance
  • Duplicate the database using the DUPLICATE PLUGGABLE… FROM ACTIVE DATABASE command



18c: RMAN and Data Guard Enhancements

Active Data Guard Sync


  • One command to refresh the standby database
  • Refreshes controlfile, datafile, restores newly added datafiles
  • Start RMAN and connect as target to the physical standby database.
  • Roll forward the physical standby database using the RECOVER STANDBY DATABASE command with the FROM SERVICE clause



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Joel Pérez is an Expert DBA ( Oracle ACE Director, Maximum Availability OCM, OCM Cloud Admin. & OCM12c/11g ) with over 17 years of Real World Experience in Oracle Technology, specialised in design and implement solutions of: High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Upgrades, Replication, Cloud and all area related to Oracle Databases. International consultant with duties, conferences & activities in more than 50 countries and countless clients around the world. Habitual and one of leading writers of Technical Oracle articles for: OTN Spanish, Portuguese, English and more. Regular Speaker in worldwide Oracle events like: OTN LAD (Latin America), OTN MENA (Middle East & Africa), OTN APAC ( Asian Pacific), DTCC China, Oracle Code.. . Joel has always been known for being a pioneer in Oracle technology since the early days of his career being the first Latin American awarded as “OTN Expert” at year 2003 by Oracle Corp., one of the first “Oracle ACE” globally in the Oracle ACE Program at year 2004. He was honoured as one of the first “OCM Database Cloud Administrator” & Maximum Availability OCM in the world. Currently Joel works as Senior Cloud Database Architect in “Yunhe Enmo (Beijing) Technology Co.,Ltd”., company located in Beijing, China


Skant Gupta is an Oracle Certified Cloud Professional in Oracle Database 12c, an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) in Oracle Database 11g and 12c, and an Oracle Exadata Certified and an Oracle Certified Professional in Oracle Database 10g, 11g, and 12c. He works at Vodafone Technology in the UK and formerly worked as a senior DBA at Etisalat in Dubai. He has six years of experience with various Oracle technologies, focusing mainly on Cloud, database, and high availability solutions, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate. He has presented at several Oracle user groups worldwide, most recently in the US, the United Arab Emirates, and the India. Skant website link:


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