Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform PDB Transport Using XTTS

ByJoel Pérez ( Oracle ACE Director )

Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform PDB Transport Using XTTS

Oracle 12cR2: Cross-Platform PDB Transport Using XTTS

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Let’s see how we can perform this process:

  1. Verify the prerequisites: The source PDB must be closed in MOUNTED mode and the COMPATIBLE parameter must be set to 12.2 or higher.

  2. Start an RMAN session and connect to the CDB instance of the PDB to be transported.

  3. For performing cross-platform PDB transport, you may need the exact name of the destination platform to which you are transporting data and may need to verify that the destination platform is of the same endian format.


  4. Back up the source PDB by using the BACKUP command with TO PLATFORM or FOR TRANSPORT. The new UNPLUG INTO clause creates the XML file containing the metadata of the PDB—tablespaces list, datafiles list, options, and parameters values. The FORMAT clause indicates the directory where the backup sets containing the data required for cross-platform database transportation are stored on the source host.

    In the first example in the slide, the conversion will take place on the source host and the files stored in the /bkp_dir directory are converted for the Linux x86 64-bit platform. In the second example, the conversion will take place on the destination host during the restore command and the files stored in /bkp_dir directory on the source host are not converted yet.

  1. Disconnect from the source CDB.

  2. Move the backup sets and the XML file created by the BACKUP command to the

    destination host. You can use operating system utilities to move the backup sets and the XML file from the source host to the destination host.

  3. Connect to the destination CDB, to which the PDB must be transported. Ensure that the destination CDB is opened.

  4. Use the RESTORE command to restore the files for the newly created PDB to the target location, and plug the files into the new PDB by using the new USING clause.

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